Friday, May 07, 2021

Day 102

Objective:  The students will work as a group analyze a great poem.

1.  Summers Remembered analysis.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Day 101

 Objective:  The students will close read a story and analyze its use of irony and ambiguity.

NOTE:  I have had several really silly questions about the book report and close reading assignment.  IT IS DUE FRIDAY!  It does not matter if you have class or not that day!  You will turn it in before Friday at 2:00 pm.  If it is not in by FRIDAY at 2 pm, I WILL NOT GRADE IT!  Turn it in MONDAY and it will be 0/650 points.  Stop with the silly questions.

1.  WP # 14

2.  Close read the story. (ignore the many typos on this copy of the story.  I did not type it!)

3.  Complete the questions on a separate piece of paper.  

4.  Book Report

Monday, May 03, 2021

Day 100

 Objective:  The students will analyze a very ambiguous piece of literature.

1.  WP #12

2.  Notes/Discussion

3.  Group Activity:  This is a participation grade of 100 points.  Everyone must try to figure out the poem.  If I see a phone out at any time during the activity, YOUR ENTIRE GROUP loses the points.