Thursday, September 30, 2004

1) Today we presented the Rain of Gold/Kaffir Boy presentations
2)We talked about the exposition essay

Period 5
Today in King Warren's class we had an AWESOME time! We had presentations on Rain of Gold/Kaffir Boy/Cry, the Beloved Country. Notes on Expository Essay, which will be due on Tuesday. Almost everybbody who presented today got a ninty percent, besides one group who got an eighty five because they nailed the teacher in the head with a penny, which made him angry. There is still one last group who hasn't gone because a member of their group was absent *ahem* Natalie Skieth *ahem*. The best group of all is going on monday, featuring Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Spiderman, The Flash, Super Girl. We will soo rock your socks!! If you don't pay attention we will hit you with candy, or spray you with silly string. I told you we will rock!! The essay is about the two stories that we read, "The Pedesrian", and "Long Way Home". We have to decide which one is more realistic. So Natalie bring the stuff on Monday, or we will eat your brains!!
You know you love me!
Leslie Mooring, the bestest person to ever type on this key board!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Period 3, 9-29-04

Took the chapter one test. It was lovely. Don't worry, it was pretty easy. Anyway, We read some paragraphs (though not my own) written about "The Pedestrian" and "Long Way Home" in the "inverted triangle format." Shortly thereafter, we discussed whether or not anyone was ready to make their presentations about various things related to the Summer reading (You know the project) but nobody was, so presentations will occur on Friday.

1) test
2) Intro paragraphs
3) Lack of projects
4) work on projects so we are ready
HOMEWORK!!!! is to work on your project and outside reading.

Yours truely,
Liam Odien, Rockstar in training

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Period 2

Today we took the test on Chapter 1. It contained 3 parts and had a total of 30 questions.

After the test we shared some excellent examples of inverted triangle introductory paragraphs.

We finished the class with two group oral presentations. The first was on bootlegging and the group used an an original skip on video as the multi-media aspect. The second group presented how Nat King Cole connected to Kaffir Boy.

Homework is to work on outside reading.
period 5

1) Took a test

2) Read our intro. paragraphs for "The Pedestrian" and "Long Way Home"

3) Turned in intro. paragraphs

4) Got into groups to work on presentation

Friday, September 24, 2004

From today forward, our class will use this web log to record all activities, assignments and homework. Each day, a different student from each class will record the daily activities on this log for five points of extra credit.

If you are absent, please visit this site to find out what you have missed.