Thursday, April 30, 2020

Digital Learning Assignment 6: LOTF Chapter 6

Hello.  First let's cover Chapter 5.  Many of you had some great insights.

1.  Ralph realizes in this chapter Piggy's importance. 
2.  Ralph is noticing that he is not able to think as clearly as before.
3.  The color of the conch is fading... symbolic of its power.
4.  The kids talk of a beast.  Simon says maybe there is a beast.  Maybe it's us.  THAT IS THE KEY LINE!!!

There are more, so check out my dialectic journal:

OK... They asked at the end for a sign from the adult world.  Here it comes...

Chapter 6.

Miss ya!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Digital Learning Assignment 5: LOTF Chapter 5

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I hope you were all able to get outside and enjoy some of the weather.  It was hot, but just great to get out.

Lord of the Flies Chapter 4 is very good.  Several key things happened and many of you noticed some very good things.

Here are some:

1.  The characterization of Percival.  He is scared and crying all of the time.  He represents all of the "younguns" who represent the weaker and innocent in society.

2.  The ship.  And the fire that went out.  Ralph shoould never have given the "hope for rescue" over to the hinters.

3.  Jack hitting Piggy.  He is even more physically disabled now.  BUT his intelligence survives.

4.  The first kill and Jack's satisfaction of it.

5.  Simon's shame at the end, and his feeding of Piggy.

Here is the link to my Dialectic for Chapter 4.  Check it out and see alll of the other things that are important.

Homework for MOnday and Tuesday:  Read Chapter 5 and complete a dialectic.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Digital Learning Assignment 4: LOTF Chapter 4

Hello everyone!  Hope you are all well.  The weather is changing, so I am feeling a little more upbeat. 

So Chapter 3 of Lord of the Flies.  Lots of plot and character development.  Especially Jack and Simon.  They are going in two separate directions.  Evil vs Good.

Remember the theme of the book.  All Men Are Evil.  So what about Simon?  Is he going to do something evil?  Why or why not?  Think about that one for a bit.

Here is my amazing Dialectic Journal.  See my comments and explanations.  Many of you saw the same things. 

Man I wish we were in school so that we could share all of your incredible insights!

So here is your assignment for chapter 4.

Read Chapter 4 and complete a dialectic.  Remember, 10 is the minimum comments.  But once you reach 10, don't stop if there are more pages and events to analyze.

Miss ya!  Warren

Monday, April 20, 2020

Digital Learning Assignment 3

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a safe weekend.  And that you and your family are well.  All is good here at my house. 

First I will share my Dialectic for Chapter 2 of Lord of the Flies:

Key things to pay attention to is the development of two important characters:  Jack and Piggy.  And the development of a new symbol:  The fire.

In this chapter Piggy shows his intelligence (with rationally thinking about the fire), but the boys ignore him.  Thus, again doing something without their brains.

Jack too.  He says he wants rules, but not to keep order, but to punish those who break them.  Then he says, rules don't count on top of the mountain.  Sounds like he wants chaos instead.

And the fire.  It is developed as a symbol of hope and rescue.  Ralph especially wants it.  BUT, he makes a mistake in putting the hunters in charge of it.  Thus, giving them control of their hope for rescue.

And many of you were right in your comment about Ralph being able to think and talk clearly.  This is a characteristic of an educated and civilized person.  Pay attention to this throughout the rest of the book.  What does it mean if he loses this ability??

OK Homework:  Chapter 3.  read and dialectic.

You are doing great!

Mis ya!  Warren 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lord of the Flies Lesson 2: Chapter 2

Hello everyone: 

First I want to share with you my complete Dialectic Journal from Chapter 1:

Keys to chapter 1:
1.  Remember, this book is probably the most symbolic book that you will read until 12th grade.  Everything is a symbol.  Jack is a symbol of Satan.  Simon is a symbol of Jesus.  The conch is a symbol of laws and order, like our Constitution.
2.  The author was Christian.  So this book is full of Biblical Allusions.  So when the author spends 4 pages describing in detail the beauty and purity of the island paradise in Chapter 1.  What could that be an allusion to?  Think the first book of the Bible!!!
3.  Pay attention to word choice.  One simple word can change the meaning of things.  Saying that Jack controls his choir instead of leads his choir is huge.  Just that one word!!!
4.  Remember, the theme of the book (or the universal truth) that the author is trying to convey is that ALL MEN ARE EVIL.  So he sets up Ralph as the protagonist.  He is the fail haired boy.  He is the good character.  But he does mean things to Piggy.  Why would the author do that?

OK:  Today.  read Chapter 2:

Then complete this Dialectic Journal.  I have provided the text that I think is important.  All you have to do is comment on it.  Tell why you think it's important.

Make a copy of it.  Share it with me and allow me to edit and comment.

This is due Friday by 3 pm.

Have a great day people.  Miss ya!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

April 14 Post

Hello everyone.  I had a good response yesterday from kids who started Lord of the Flies.

Each lesson is a two day assignment, so if you didn't complete it and want to, then you have until tomorrow morning when I post the new chapter assignment.

Tomorrow I will also "discuss" the chapter with you.  Now I am not a teacher who is going to do a "Zoom" or "Google Meets" video chat.  That's just not me.

But I will post my thoughts and ideas about Lord of the Flies that will help you in your reading and analysis of the awesomeness of what the author did.

Remember, if you still have to do the book report, you have about 3 weeks.  IF I GET 60 book reports on May 6 all at one time, I am going to be SOOOOOOO mad.  You will not want me to grade it on that day.  I will tear it up!!!!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2020

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Lesson.

You do not have to complete this, it will not affect your grade if you do not.

If you choose to do it, I will grade it as a normal assignment and put it in your grade.  That means, if you do it well, it will be 100.  If you don't do it well, I will put the appropriate grade in the computer.

Do all of this on a google doc and share with me when complete.

1.  Open and go through this intro slide show that I made to introduce the book.  On a piece of paper, take important notes.  I will point most of that out on the slides (in Red).

2.  Read Lord of the Flies Chapter 1:  Here is the book.

3.  Complete a Dialectic Journal for the chapter:

It will look like this:  Minimum of ten quotes and comments.

Important Quote/Action/Word (pg)
Comment, Question, Explanation
  •  “The fair boy”  x3

  • There was that pilot.  But he wasn’t in the passenger cabin, he was up front.” p.8

  • “When we was coming down, I looked through them windows.  I saw the other part of the plane. There were flames coming out.”   P. 8
  •   Fair means blonde and light skinned.  Light or white is a common symbol of good or innocence.

  • The pilot (only adult) is not on the island with the kids.

  • Piggy saw that the plane was on fire.  It was shot down and the pilot died. So nobody knows where they are.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020


I told you all at the beginning of the semester that I wanted you to do the outside reading while we were doing Julius Caesar.

And may 3 of you did it.

Now, it is literally 4 months later, and still I have only 7 done.

If you do not do a book report, I will delete the JC dress up day.  If it last, I will not take any of it for 650 points.

I  am surprised that "Honors" students won't get on this.  You have been out of school now for 4 weeks.  I have read three books during that time.


On Monday we are going to start out last novel.

Here is the full text link:

Lord of the Flies.  I am allowed to give you about 2 hours of work a week for six weeks.

That is two chapters a week.

I am guessing that none of you will be ready for this!!!!  I am bummed by your laziness.

Thursday, April 02, 2020


I am getting alot of texts  from people and I just want to clear it all up.

1.  Close Read the book.  You will send me pics or a video of you flipping through it.

2.  When you are done with it, complete the report (the sample is on

3.  Email me the report.  Then text me for your "oral Question" quiz.  951-880-4804.  I will send you the question and you will answer it.

This is all due May 6.

It is worth 600 points.

If you don't do it, your grade will be what shows in Aeries right now.

Make sure that all of your friends in class are following this!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

OK So You all Saw Your Grade Drop... I Know.

I just entered in the Outside Reading Requirement into all of your grades.

This is allowed through the district's "Digital Learning" requirement,  because I assign it at the beginning of the semstaer.

So if you are happy with the grade that you have now in Aeries, then you do not have to do anything.

I will still provide lessons on this website daily for you to improve your grade, but the outside book... It's kinda big.

Get at it.

Book Report format on my webpage.

When you are done. send it to me at rwarren@riverside

It is not sue until May 6.  

Then text me at 951-880-4804 for your text (oral) question.  I will then ask to see proof of your Close Reading.

Miss all you kids.  UGhhhh!