Friday, January 31, 2014

Peer Editing Day I

Good Morning! 

Objective:  The students will peer edit Part I of the Research Paper.

1.  Get out (or print out) your Anecdotal Intro.
2.  Look at some samples on the big screen.

How to edit:  It is worth 30 points for writing and 30 points for format.

Format:  10 for heading/header.  10 for spacing.  10 for margins.  If any part is wrong= 0

Writing:  Anecdote:  if good, give them 20.   Thesis:  10. 

Find and circle all mistakes.

How start looking through your printed info and highlight all info that will go into the Bio section.

NOTE:  If your essay copies the order and format of your source... that is plagiarism.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing Part I

Objective:  The students will see an awesome example of an anecdotal intro and then they will write their own.

1.  Get folder, writing prompt and all info from research.
2.  Discuss Part I:  Anecdotal Intro: 

Anecdote:  A short story that has a point.

Heading:  Margins:  Header:

3.  Write and type Part I:  Due tomorrow for Peer Editing;  If you don't have it, you can not edit, you lose 50 points and fall behind everyone else.  (NO LATE PAPERS WILL GET POINTS BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO DO IT!)

If I see phones used for anything bird related, it is mine for the day.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Research Day II

Good Morning Everyone...

Sorry I got a little frustrated with some of you by the end of the day yesterday, but it just seems like I am talking to myself in the classroom lately.  Here is an example of just one of the ridiculous questions that I answered yesterday:

Brett:  "Mr. Warren, would Rosa Parks be a good subject for the paper?"
Me:  "What?  Brett... What's the title of the research paper you're working on?"
Brett:  "I don't know."

So, for that reason.  If I see a phone out while I am talking, for ANY reason, I will take it (yes, I know that I am not allowed to... TRY ME!).  And I will give it back after we call your parents on it!

Objective:  Students will complete Day II of research for POY for 2013.

Note:  What do you want to have by the end of the day:
1)  Information for "History or Bio Section" on your person. (1-2 pages of info)
2)  2013 information for the bulk of your paper. (2-4 pages of info)
3)  3 sources of info.  (one a periodical)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Research Day 1: So who did you pick?

Objective:  The students will begin initial research on the POY.

1.  Turn in Man in the Water
2.  Discuss Person you chose.
3.  Discuss "Credible Source"
4.  Discuss EBSCO site for printed periodical.
5.  Library.

Homework:  I have not approved all outside books yet.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A New Week!

Objective:  The students will synthesize (combine two or more things to create a new, complex thing) the opinions presented in "The Man in the Water" and "Nothing Man" into an intro paragraph for their research paper.

1.  Get folders.
2.  Discuss Nothing Man
3.  Go over Research Paper Writing Prompt
4.  Complete "Man in the Water" questions to turn in tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be in the library.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE GOING TO RESEARCH!!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Objective:  The students will analyze (look deeply and carefully at) an awesome, but also very ambiguous poem.

1.  Get folders.
2.  CST #2
3.  Poem Analyze Activity:  AMBIGUOUS= No clear meaning or interpretation. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Man in the Water... Probably my favorite essay ever.

Objective:  The students will analyze the essay titled "Man in the Water."

1.  Discuss Reading for the semester.  New students:  Book List is there.  THERE WILL BE NO BOOKS ACCEPTED THAT ARE NOT ON THE LIST UNLESS OK BY ME!!! 

2.  Paragraph Writing:  Using yesterday's notes.  Write a PERFECT informational paragraph using your notes that you took yesterday.  Perfect = 10 Extra Credit Points.

3.  Go over vocabulary words.

4.  Active Read the Essay and answer questions on attached page.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who would you name Person of the Year for 2013? Start thinking!

Objective:  The students will read a GREAT essay and see two short videos about a man and what he does to become a hero.

1.  Get folders and Lit Book.  Clean out everything.  You may want to save notes and book report sample and book list.  DO NOT TOSS YESTERDAY's VOCAB!
2.  CST #1
3.  Correct Vocab.
4.  Video Notes
5.  Read the essay on page 272 and the Black Box transcript.

Outside Book:  Same requirements as First Semester.  We will not read a class novel until after Julius Caesar, so you have plenty of time to read a decent sized book.  We will read 2 novels the last quarter... so choose carefully.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Semester

Objective:  The students will know important vocab for this week's literature and for the research paper.

1.  Sit anywhere.
2.  Get folders
3.  Discuss "Grade"
4.  Vocab. ass.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Report II

Good morning.

1.  Yes, you can print your report. 
2.  Get book and report out and ready to be called up for Oral Question.
3.  Remember the 3 things that I am looking for in the AR.
4.  Final Study Guide:  I went through the District Final.  It's CRAZY LONG.  I made a list of all things that are on the test.

How the Final Works:   A on the Final:  Grade up 3%
                                     B on the Final: Grade up  1%
                                     C on the Final:  Grade stays the same
                                     D on the Final: Grade down 1%
                                      F on the Final: Grade down 3%

So you study as you see fit.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Last day for book report

Good morning!

I don't want to assign any more work for you, so...

1.  CST 34
2.  Work on satire or outside book report.

DUE TOMORROW!!!!!!  If you're sick, send it to any one of my emails.  Save the "sent" copy in your email as evidence in case it doesn't come through to me...

No late papers PLEASE!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Book Report? I am bored.... Need something to grade! Bring it in!

Objective:  The students will write an ORIGINAL satirical advertisement.

1.  Get folders.
2.  CST 33
3.  Discuss yesterday's song satires.
4.  Discuss Satire Ad.  Begin producing (writing) your own in pairs or alone.  Note:  Be careful how much "research" you do on this.  Be careful not to copy someone's already used idea.  This has been a problem in he past!
5.  Book Reports:  Remember.  You have had 5 months to complete this assignment (I assigned it the first week of school) so I WILL NOT (or I DON'T HAVE TO) accept this late (even if you're absent).  I WILL NOT GRADE A PAPER ON MONDAY!  E mail it to me by 2:30 Friday or it will not be graded.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Is it possible to really read and understand a 300 oage book in 4 days?

Objective:  The students will read and analyze two satirical songs.

1.  Get folders.
2.  CST 32
3.  Complete and discuss, turn in Learn with Book.  Discuss satirical ADVERTISEMENT assignment.  Due Monday.
4.  Satirical Songs

Book Report due Friday (or before).  If it is turned in Monday it will not be graded.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Last Week of the First Semester: Time flies!

Objective:  The students will begin a mini-unit on Satire.  They will learn what the purpose of satire is, and read a simple example and analyze it and its purpose.

Good Morning!  Get your folders please.

1.  CST #31
2.  Satire Notes
3.  "Learn with BOOK" satire assignment.

Homework:  Book Report is due on Friday.  Do Not Turn it in on Monday.  That would be like having Christmas Lights on in January.

Format is on my webpage.