Wednesday, December 15, 2004

All Honors classes,

We checked out and were introduced to The Good Earth and its author. All students will read this before we return from holiday break. It is an esay read and will only take a few hours.

When we return, we will have a test on the novel worth 300 points. If you pass the test with a grade of 65% or higher, you will get 300 pages of credit toward your outside reading.

have a great break. Warren

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mr. Warren Honors Lit. Period: 3 Date: 12-01-04

what up everyone!! This is your classmate Alicia Collins, AKA - Goodies!!! Well today in class we did ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!! It was a good thing, and too bad you missed out trying to stay home and acting like youir sick. Yea right i know that your you were sick, or nothing was wrong with you, you probably jsut told your parents that you didn't feel good and that you wanted to stay home and miss third period!! Ha, ha, ha I'm jsut kidding, i really don't know why you were absent during third, maybe you ditched, or maybe you jsut stayed home, you didn't miss anything important , but remember that your questions for STUMP MR. WARREN DAY from the Count of Monte Cristo are due on Friday!! Don't forget and don't ever say that I never told you that it was due on Friday, and it's worth 100pts and every qestion that you ask Mr. Warren of Friday, i you are here, is worth 5 extra credit points!! This will be good if you want to get your grade up in this class. Well, i basically told you everything that I need to tell you, and ima holla bacc real soon. Bye, see you on Friday those of you who didn't attend third period today. Peace. 100. holla at ya favorite gurl.

Love, Alicia